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Dying Oak Tree?

Seth M
6 years ago

We're in N. Texas and obviously it is starting to get HOT, but I don't think it has been too bad, however, our new Oak tree has been struggling for the last month or so. The leaves have started to brown and fall from the tree. I need a little help confirming what might be stressing the tree and find a solution that I can hopefully implement to get it to turn around the issue. I have included some details about the tree and some photos of the leaves which have fallen in an effort to give as much information as I can. Thanks.

Tree Planted: Dec. 2016 (New Build)

Tree Circumference: 4in

Tree Height: 14 ft

Irrigation Type: Dedicated Bubbler

Irrigation Water Schedule: 2x Daily 10 mins (I have the bubbler throttled down quite a bit). I also have 2 other trees on the same zone which are doing just fine and thriving.

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