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Would like some feedback

6 years ago

My wife and I are discussing what we would like to have in a small custom build. We visited various homes during our local parade and took note of what we liked and didn't like. I sat down with my home design software and sketched out some plans that would fit our lifestyle well. I would appreciate some feedback. We are in our early 50s and this would be our last home. We have no children, only a dog.

Just a few notes. The laundry room placement is per my wife's direction. She wants the laundry room next to the closet and the master bedroom. She doesn't feel that it is too far out of the way given that 90 percent of the laundry is in the master. The only thing she would wash that is outside of that area would be from the kitchen, second bathroom or the fabric in her sewing room.

As for the odd jog in the office closet, I have a lot of files (I do freelance writing) that need storage and that is where filing cabinets (or a cabinet) would go. I have about 1,500 books to store as well.

Resale is not a factor in our decisions. Having exactly what we want is. Thanks for any and all feedback.

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