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Week 143 - Happy 4th - what's the craziest thing you did for the 4th?

6 years ago

Happy 4th of July everyone. Are you planning a big party? Doing something fun? What have you done that's crazy and you wouldn't repeat? Do you have food porn photos to share?

I committed once to a hostess that I would make a flag cake for her party. NEVER again.

It took 20 hrs and I didn't sleep all night the day before. The cake was 16 layers but I only had one cake pan so baking 9 cakes one at a time took a lot of time. The coloring used a lot of chemicals to make the deep blue. I was afraid to eat my own cake afterwards.

I then made whipped cream frosting by hand. Most of the hours between baking was spent whipping then in the freezer then whipping.

My cake looked like this but with more flag layers.

I was ignorant of the work involved because I don't make much of anything that's non chocolate.

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