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Do not buy counter tops from Home Depot.

Phil Rhudy Sr.
6 years ago

I bought my Silestone counter tops from the Home Depot store #2576 in Edgewood Maryland and they used their incompetent contractor M.R. Stone, LLC., located in Mt. Airy Maryland to fabricate and install them. They totally botched the job and I complained initially the day after the installation. The main counter top section which is
“L” shaped and contains the sink cutout was
manufactured in 2 pieces with a joint or seam at the centerline of the sink. The
2 pieces do not match – the thicknesses are almost 1/32” different. creating
a very noticeable “Lip” at the joint top and bottom at the front of the sink.
This glued joint width measures 1/16” which is excessively wide. The left
half of this counter top sections is raised 3/16” which
creates a noticeable, 3/16” valley configuration at the glued joint at the front of the sink. Note: I witnessed this installation and saw the
installer try to force the 2 pieces together using a tensioning device designed
for this purpose. Under normal circumstances the mating sections would have
been perpendicular and the same thickness, they would have been pulled together
tight and flat and level but logically, in this case, this would never result
in a good joint because the mating edges did not match – in addition to being
different thicknesses, they were not perpendicular - continuing to
apply tensioning pressure only served to raise the left side of counter top. When I complained, the customer service reps from Home Depot and M.R. Stone came to my home and tried to convince me that everything was ok even though it is obvious to every one that looks at them agrees that they are unacceptable. It was obvious that they had colluded to deny my claims. I asked for a reference which they were using to determine that the installation was ok and the M.R. Stone representative gave me "A Homeowner's Guide to Natural Stone Counter top Installation" as the document that they use during manufacturing. The deficiencies in my counter top were all demonstrably out side the standard tolerances. In court, the same M. R. Stone representative now testified that the standard was not applicable to Silestone and also that no specifications exist for quartz counter tops. Home Depot refused to honor their written warranty. I took them to small claims court and Home Depot used a lawyer who obscured and distorted the situation to their advantage and the witness from M.R. Stone lied under oath and distorted the situation to their advantage. I didn't have a lawyer. The judge knew nothing about counter tops or construction and their lawyer used that lack of knowledge to manipulate the judge and the judge ruled in their favor. Fore warned is fore armed - do not buy counter tops from Home Depot. Their "warranty" is not a warranty because they alone determine what constitutes poor workmanship. I have appealed the case and I also have a complaint filed with the MHIC.

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