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Trouble with young 'The Rising Sun' Cercis

Tree installed last fall, roots inspected and fine, flare above ground. Spring has been wet, but this tree is near a massive hickory that is a water thief.

Could voles have caused this?

I have had a vole invasion this year- losing plants left and right until i figured out where all my hostas were going.

The soil underneath this little tree was very disturbed last month- either the voles got at it or the moles tore through the roots. I got it all packed back down and upped the watering a bit and I think it is recovering.

I see new growth, so I'm not especially worried about losing the tree. But I need to know what caused this damage on the tip ends/new growth. Now, I also have native/species Cercis both purchased and naturally occurring and I saw a little bit of the same thing on a few of them this morning. That scared me. I do have three other 'The Rising Sun" that are unaffected.

What is this mess?

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