Rebar in the garden

4 years ago

After using various combinations of bamboo stakes, fiberglass stakes, and t-posts for plant support and as support for deer netting, I asked myself the question:

why not rebar?

I am thinking, especially for trellising and supporting deer/critter netting, tall pieces of rebar (10') would be perfect, since they are much easier to push it deep into the ground than a T-post.

My deer netting 'fence' (7' flexible netting that surrounds the garden) is currently supported by a rather ugly combination of 6 foot T-post with bamboo stakes affixed to the top of them with drip ties, and while it is functional, 10 foot rebar could be easily push 2 to 3 feet in the ground and do the same purpose. And they won't wobble as much. Same thing for trellising.

I realize rebar rusts, but I should get several years out of it before it becomes unusable, right?

Its cheaper than comparable sized fiberglass stakes and sturdier than bamboo.

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