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OK how do I survive this one?

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

The retaining wall is about 70 years old and has never shown a sign of problem other than being resurfaced about 20 year ago.

I figure that the abundance of rain has helped it cave out in two places. One where the rocks have actually fallen out and another that shows that it is quaking to go. I tried to take pictures but they don;t do it justice.

A reasonable estimate seems to be $10K to take it out, install trap rock foundation and rebuild it. It could also cost much less with temporary patch work but neither is my biggest concern.

I would have to move or rash: 150 King Edward Daffodils, 100 miniature daffodils, thousands of Spanish Bells (blue and white), a dozen Pink Sedum, a dozen Red Sedum, A well established Yucca, a pink forsythia,, a rose bush, about 75 crocuses, Blue Siberian Iris, White Siberian Iris, and 8 creeping phlox plants.

My finances will not allow the work until after January 1st next year. It will be interesting to see how much more of it will cave out. There was no evidence of any problem last fall.

How do I begin to salvage. I have already reached the point where it is a challenge to add so much as a fern into my other gardens.

Dig it out and start over would be the easiest and most expensive but my heart goes out to all the plants. I could let the neighbors come and take anything they want. I really doubt the 15 year old yucca will tolerate any disturbance.

I figure that next August will be the best time since all the bulbs would have died back.


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