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When do I need to apply more fertilizer to my new roses & what kind?

I received my 2 new Roses Unlimited purchases (About Face and Strike It Rich), in very nice shape. I planted them in my garden, which has highly amended soil, having had humus, bagged garden soil, organic rose fertilizer (blood meal, bone meal, feather meal, etc.), wood fines, etc. worked into the original clay soil. About Face is really a baby, with tiny spindly branches. But, it's already blooming little blooms. I set up a few small stakes to protect it from being broken off by a passerby. Strike It Rich looks like a more robust bush. Since I mixed the organic rose fertilizer in with the soil I dug from the planting holes before covering the roots back with it, am I good for fertilizer for the rest of the season, or will I need to re-up? If so, which fertilizer do you recommend?

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