Large kitchen with separate Butler's Pantry & 2nd!

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I am in the process of remodeling our kitchen. The house was a foreclosure, over 10,000 sq ft and was in need of some TLC in all aspects. The kitchen remodel is our first BIG remodel (of many to come), so a little nerve wracking. I am in my mid 30s and we intend to be here for a very long time (the house is on 25 acres an hour from a large city - so the resale/recoup of costs put in is not something we are taking into consideration, this is a forever home and we both own/operate a business that allows us to be here permanently.). This is a long post for a some simple questions really, so bear with me.

My challenge right now is deciding how to balance a 2nd kitchen & its amenities with the large existing kitchen. The eat-in kitchen is approx 26'x17'. We'll be doing all new cabinets and appliances, and re-configuring the island to add sitting area/stools.

Off of the kitchen space, about 7' away, is a large Butler's Pantry (2nd Dishwasher, 2nd Trash Compactor, Washer/Dryer, 2nd Sink, a single toilet for "the help", lots of cabinets), and also has a Butler's Kitchen. The Butler's Kitchen has space for a 48" Fridge (non-working Sub Zero currently), 30" Range, 3rd Dishwasher, 3rd Trash Compactor, 3rd Large sink, Space for Microwave. You're starting to see the duplication of items here......

In remodeling the kitchen, we'll be moving our existing 48" KA Fridge, 30" GE Induction Range, and Bosch Dishwasher to the Butler's Kitchen. I am so happy to still get to keep these items and redo my main kitchen, it makes me feel not so wasteful with the already-purchased items (< 4 yrs old.) We will be painting the cabinets in the Butler's Kitchen & Pantry, but not re-doing those (matching the main kitchen.)

We are used to a 48" Fridge now (2 young children with 3rd on the way in <1 mo), but I am thinking two 48" fridges is just overkill. I am thinking at 42" panel fridge to "match" the size of the kitchen. To be honest a 36" would be fine with the 48" right around the corner...but I feel the 42" will just look better.

I could add a Double Oven next to our 36" rangetop but again I"ll have a 30" slide-in Induction Range/Oven in the other pantry. So I am leaning toward maybe a Single Wall Oven + Microwave Combo. Not sure that saves me much money from getting Double Wall Ovens and a more simple microwave though with my brands (below). Still crunching those $ figures.

My husband feels if we are spending all this money on a remodel that our kitchen should have a perfect layout (aka, double wall ovens + island microwave). I also do not use a microwave but maybe once every 2 weeks (if that), and was thinking just to put one in the Butler's Kitchen (in a hole I'm trying to fill) vs integrating one into my new Island around cabinetry.

Your thoughts? We keep going back and forth on this and I think he thinks I'm being a penny pincher...but really I'm just trying to be realistic about what I REALLY use day in/day out. If I put the double wall ovens in & microwave, I will have THREE working ovens, and likely another microwave to fill a spot in the Butler's Kitchen. I don't mind the expense if it means a "perfect kitchen" but it seems wasteful to me.

Here is a before pic. The Fridge will be moving across the kitchen to the Left of the Picture where the current single oven + not-working microwave is (off the picture).The Double Wall Ovens would go where the Fridge is, allowing for more counter space by the range (30" currently, going to 36"). Microwave would go behind this island by the sink side.

ONE last thing. My designer and kitchen cabinet guy are pushing for me to get rid of the bulkhead/soffit. I love the large crown molding and think if the molding was painted and bulkhead similar colors, it looks elegant and beautiful. There is an air vent in there so would be not a light removal (big light over sink area too). Do you all hate the bulkhead or think it could be tasteful done with the right color cabinets, wall color, and painted molding?

Appliance Choices (Thoughts? Have to still review some in person to see how they look together):

36" Rangetop Wolf or Miele (although considering Cooktop - not sure)

42" Kitchenaid Paneled Fridge

Bosch or Miele Paneled Dishwasher

Double Ovens - Bosch? Undecided. Cannot stomach the $8K (?) for Wolf/Miele... but need your honest opinions about taking higher end and blending with mid end (Bosch).

Thanks for reading the long story! It's tough making final decisions on these things and I need to just bear down and decide. Even my appliance choices are only about 75% set.

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