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Help me ID my succulents...Name the succulents! I'd love to id unknown

7 years ago

I do not know these beautiful saved succulents!! They have florished and i believe could come apart ..... the cupped leaf gal is leathery and a bit fuzzy.... and is that an aloe?? it is stacked on one stem growing upwards. they happy for now but don't know if they have same needs and growing out of the pot. the cupped on might have a flower stalk coming from where the stem split into two stems stalks! thanks for your help!!

I think I have the Haworthis straight -- three variety there..... and Tiger's tooth?? Are those Senecios blue chalk fingers?? Little pots Black prince babies...... and a Crassula topsy turvey or ripple Jade?????! yikes

Perferotas, tom thumb, Anacampseros, pagoda???? string banana cutting -- beautiful parent!! and Burro's Tail pot behind?? He's not extremely happy but hanging in there!! another perforata behind that?? and a nice Gollum!

Panda Ear and Crassula Ovata? and not a clue the one with the points and flat round slightly fuzzy leaves.....

These lithops seem swell .... two varieties?? I water occasionally while the lips are sealed!

The original one is dried and the outer lithop recently grew from that and the little one inside started growing in the new lithop and then original lithop finally dried. not sure variety of lithop .... I had for over a year before these two new ones came on there way!!!! Yay,..... I did not water at all until last week and don't know when to water again.

Alionopsis and new Andromischaus - key lime - it is adorable, is it finicky??

I don't know the front chubby velvety stacked crassula? related to moonglow?? and behind it velvety stacked -- elongating now? on the stem?????

curly leafed on twig in bottle??? the pointed florette next to gasteria ... I do not know.... bad lighting :(

propagated Ficus ... from small branches are making it!

Name the Succulents!!! fun fun .... Thanks and hope this is Fun too!!!
.... the two in the green pot (first pic)-- the tallest one is?? it's in a pot with an aloe?? I potted together in an emergency save and holy moly have they grown ..... I don't know either of them....

Is that a tiger's tooth in the shallow pot on the glass table ?? the mini pots are propagated varieties....... some known ....

I am confused with perforata, rupetris and tom thumbs..... Panda's Ear and who with him???

I am not sure which variety of Anacampseros I have....... Or which Lithops? Did the little growing lithop gal grow out wrong..... one came out and then another ??? The original is dried and what is She doing now..... I just gave her a drink....

The second to last pic has me stumped..... not a moonglow -- too fat? I don't know and the soft one on the stem in back of the chubby soft one????

Gasteria next to it or Hawrthia?? and titanopsis?? The Andromischaus key lime is new -- sounds finicky, next to blooming Alionopsis....

The last pic has haworthis..... the pointed florette is still a mystery..... with gasterias.....

And behind the last pot, last pic thin wavy leaves -- branches from a tree like plant ...

Let loose and do tell all..... Help me please, ID these lovely succulent plants! I am excited to finally know all of whom I have!

Please, do tell what you know, even verify what I think I know. I hope to piece together the ones I don't know!! Thanks, thanks -- thank you very much!!!

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