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Tile: HELP- Encore Ceramics, Sheer glaze in Hydrangea and Robin's Egg

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

(Cross posting in hopes of finding a photo) :)

We are remodeling and I am considering using Encore Sheer glaze Hydrangea tile in our master bath (shower and tub backsplash) and Encore Sheer glaze Robin's Egg tile for backsplash in our kitchen. These are new tiles and I can't find any large format install pictures - where I can see the tile in someone's home. Encore doesn't have any design pics (b/c they say the tiles are so new), nor does the tile supply store. Does anyone have a picture? I have one sample piece of the Robin's Egg and 3 of the Hydrangea, but would love to see a picture of what they look like upon install.

I have attached a picture of the two tiles. The hydrangea is showing up as very blue in this photo. The Robin's Egg looks almost white in this sample but different on the Encore tile boards at the design store.

Link to tiles on Encore site:

Thank You!

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