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Finding someone to rebuild my shower

7 years ago

Thanks to all of you that responded to my "Trouble with Tile" post. I really appreciate it. I am now on a journey to find someone to rebuild my shower.

I talked to tech people from TCNA, CTEF, NTCA, Laticrete, Schluter, Nobel, etc. I read a lot on the websites of all the manufacturers in MongoCT's post. I don't have a strong opinion on which system I prefer the installer to use; just trying to find someone to build it right, with a system they are experienced using.

A Latricrete technician spent a great deal of timing answering my questions in an online chat. He sent me a long technical document (still reading it), that starts off with this diagram:

I called every tile company around here. I found a company that says they use Laticrete products almost exclusively to build showers. An installer from there is coming tomorrow. I wasn't necessarily searching for a Laticrete installer, but they are the first I've talked to that seem to know these different manufacturer's even exist!

Does Laticrete have good customer service to the pros, for example when they are in the middle of an installation and face an issue? They were very responsive to me, so I thought that was a good sign. Do they stand behind their warranty, or is that just a sales pitch? The tech person said that they do, as long as there are records/receipts of which products were used and that the contractor or homeowner should take progress pictures.

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