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How do I plant pre germinated seeds that have already grown cotyledons

I pre germinated clary sage seeds in wet paper towels and left them there a bit too long. I did get them all out of the paper towels and have them contained in a damp Tupperware container. They're growing like crazy in the container and have all lost their seed casings, leaving a cotyledon with a long root attached. Most of the roots are 2-3" long already. My question is how do I plant these babies?! Should I completely bury them with soil? Cotyledon and all? Or do I leave the cotyledons above ground? I'd like to plant them straight out in the garden, if possible. I did get 5 of them planted outside and buried those completely (I dug a small hole, filled it with seed starting mix, then buried the whole seedling). After 5 days, nothing was popping up so I carefully dug around the holes and found roots with no cotyledons attached anymore. It's looked like they'd maybe rotted away.

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