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POTHOS: Do you know what I've done wrong?

Nat Michelle
5 years ago

My indoor pothos started acting funny - brown spots on leaves, then leaves began yellowing and dropping off. On some vines, almost 2/3 of the vine has lost its leaves.

The plant is actually two combined in the one pot - both golden and neon. I've had this guy for 2+ years now, although the "mother" plants would be much older.

I turfed it out of its pot yesterday to take a look at the roots, thinking I'd over-watered and caused root rot. Granted its overdue for a repotting - there were some large roots growing out the bottom holes, and some small roots popping up through the top soil. But to my untrained eye there doesn't appear to be any rot - no sliminess etc.

What's gone wrong and is it possible to salvage it? Over-watering, leaf blight, roots too crammed, not enough oxygen to the roots, fungus issue, bacterial problem...?

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