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Why Can't We Install a GE Speedcook Microwave Oven in Kitchen Island

We are at the very end of our new construction house project, and we just found out that the GE Monogram Advantium Speedcook Microwave Oven states that it cannot be installed in an island, which is what we had the custom kitchen cabinets designed for. We are freaking out a bit about this.

A call to G.E. didn't help; they basically said that all their microwaves cannot be installed below a countertop/in an island, and they didn't give any specific reason for that.

I can't find much on the subject except for an old GardenWeb post about this subject that states it's just a CYA for G.E.

Does anyone know why G.E. and other appliance manufacturers have this requirement? Is it just to cover themselves for liability issues for injures to small children, or steam hitting someone in the face? Or is there a fire hazard associated with putting a microwave in a kitchen island?

Thanks for your help.

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