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Conifer seedlings trials 2017

After last year's success with germinating gathered seeds of Metasequoia, Blue Ice Arizona Cypress, Glauca Cunninghamia, and a lone surviving Taiwania and Cryotomeria, I set out with a new batch of seeds this year. These were mostly bought online but I've been pleasantly surprised by my luck (perhaps too much luck for some species, once you see how thick the seedlings germinated). Most aren't hardy at my northern summer home, and some are still only marginal at the winter home. But it's a fun mental break even if I have no where to put them all in the end. Most were soaked then stratified as needed using the paper towel and baggie method.

Calocedrus decurrens

Sequoiadendron giganteum on left. A decent germination rate and no problems with damping off so far. I did soak them in Captan. Plants on the right are purple prairie clover.

Cupressus cashmeriana (allegedly). The seeds are from Sheffields, though the whole cashmeriana/torulosa/tortulosa/darjeelinghensis complex is so muddled, and people mislabel the species all the time so I'm not sure what they are in reality. High germination rate, though.

First Taiwania seedlings emerged from soil this week. Hoping for better luck than last year, when I had very low germ rates and even lower emergence and one-month survival.

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