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Need Help: Rising Sun Redbud Tree

5 years ago

First and foremost, I live in northern Massachusetts where the weather is unpredictable. I installed a very young Rising Sun Redbud in the Fall of 2015. Last spring, it bloomed nice flowers and leaves, but struggled with the very hot summer and drought (wilting leaves). I watered it religiously, and gave it a bio-pack in late July - which seemed to help it. This spring, the buds came back, bloomed their violet flowers, but the new leaves (yellow) are wilting and dying. I don't see any branch die-back, and the wood, all around, appears to be in good shape. I did see some webs running across branches and leaves, so there were definitely spider mites - which I have dealt with.

The tree is planted in full sun, and the soil is very silty (a good amount of clay). Aside from the sun and potential drainage issue, I may have sunk the root ball too deep. The root crowns an inch or two below the surface. Considering all the rain we've had to date (a ton), the type of soil, and the depth of the roots, I'm wondering if this could be root rot, or verticillium wilt. I'm considering transplanting to an area in my front yard that has better drainage, and gets morning and early afternoon sun. Will I kill the tree if I try transplanting now? Suggestions?

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