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So, what will happen to my neighbor's Sugar Maple when he tops it?

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

He's going to top it. There's no stopping him.

My neighbor, as I have mentioned before on here, planted a sugar maple 2 ft off his property line that abuts with us and the Christmas tree neighbor. The maple is now at least 20ft tall, and 12ft wide at this point. He told me years ago when he planted it that he was going to top it once it got to the height of his house.

Well, flash forward to today, I was outside watering my Lilacs and my neighbor was already outside, puttering around, and in a talkative mood. During our conversation I told him his maple tree was so beautiful, because it really is a gorgeous tree.

He said it has gotten about as tall as he ever wanted it and because it is starting to overhang and block the light of several of our neighbor's xmas trees, he is going to top it and also trim back the branches.

What will happen to the maple? He has to trim back the branches, there is no choice, because there is no way our xmas neighbor is going to tolerate the eventual 20ft of branching overhanging his trees. No way in this world. Sugar Maples are shade trees, they block out the sun, period.

Is it a good thing he's topping it, from an aesthetics point of view? I mean if he trims back the branches, and the tree kept growing, it would look stupid to have a 60ft tree that is only 10ft wide.

I told him dh and I would only entertain cutting back any branches that blocked our lilacs down the road. I'm not too keen on someone who knows nothing about trees topping one, especially when the tree could easily land on my house.

This is why no one should plant a large tree on a postage sized property, especially when that property abuts other people's property.

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