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Can anyone PLEASE help me identify this "shrub"?

5 years ago

Hello. I have 3 of the same plant that I'm hoping you
help me identify. I think they are shrubs. They have many vertical
branches that are woody. They loose their leaves in the winter.
They have not born fruit or flowers since we bought this house 3 summers
ago. I live in southern WI, zone 5b. The previous owners
also planted invasive buckthorne in the back yard, so I would not be astonished
if these are not a desirable plant. They are quite ugly in my opinion.
However, I need to identify them for 2 reasons. 1 - They have
developed powdery mildew and I want to make sure I buy the right fungicide.
2 - I'd like to rip them out. However, this is not our
"forever" home and as such, this has been deemed too hard/too much work
by my husband. If I knew what they were I could research how easy (or
difficult) they are to get out of the ground. Please help!