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So I finally repotted my ZZ plant...

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6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I repotted it last year into a pot that was about a foot wide. At the time, that pot was about twice the size of the original. Well, my plant grew like a weed. I knew that it was pushing against the walls of the pot, distorting it. I finally got around to repotting it the other day and I found out that it had wedged itself into the pot. Even some of the decorative rocks on top were wedged, too. I had to get a tool and force them out. I couldn't pull the plant out, no matter what I tried, so I finally decided on trying to wash away as much of the old soil as possible. I laid it on its side and blasted away all that I could, and this is what it looked like...

Even with most of the soil gone, the water still took awhile to drain through. Its roots were just jam packed in there. Luckily, the whole plant started to come loose and I was able to remove it with minimal root damage...
After blasting away as much of the old soil as possible, I was finally able to move it into its new home. I bought a nice glazed ceramic pot for it that was almost twice the size of the old one. Its roots didn't want to bend all that much, and looked like they would break if I tried to, so I loosened them up as best as I could.

With the new pot being rather large, I mixed in some orchid bark, along with the soil that I always use, to help increase the drainage. Several hours later, and I'm glad with the end results. I thought that I was never going to get finished, HaHa! But, it was a labor of love. If I'm lucky, this pot will hold out for at least one year, before my ZZ plant outgrows it. It's so large and heavy now, I guess I'll just have to place it on one of those plant stands with wheels. While repotting it, I noticed signs of new growth already beginning to emerge. I can't wait to see how large this plant gets. As if it isn't already large enough as it is. :)

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