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Is this an acceptable Wood Look Tile Job?

Kelly Skistimas
5 years ago

Hi there,
We have lived in our home 10 years and finally have set aside a small (but large to us) amount of money to redo the downstairs floor. We choose Mohawk Treyburn Noir Oak tile planks - LOVE this tile!
It's 900 square feet and the installer did the job in 2 1/2 days. Along the we way we said it looks good! From our upstairs balcony it did, which is the only place we saw it from because we were told not to walk on it.
Yesterday morning had been 24 hours from grout drying so we did a walk around and are not happy!
-Some tiles are touching and some are spaced - it looks like they didn't use spacers
-some grout is missing
-some tiles are chipped - how many chipped tiles are "acceptable"?
-BIGGEST concern - the edges! Some touch the walls and some have big gaps and some cuts are not straight.
Is this "normal" and "to be expected," or a bad install job?
What, if anything, should the company do?
Thanks in advance.

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