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6 years ago

My neighbor who is moving gave me a couple of recliners. The back, seat and footrests are padded, the arms are bare. The upholstery needs to be replaced, it is a bit worn but otherwise the recliners are in good shape.

I looked at them for a few days and decided that I really want slipcovers and don't want to simply reupholster. I love slipcovers, with 4 dogs and a cat and a small grandchild who visits, and me tromping in and out of the garden at least a couple times a day, I love being able to throw covers in the wash, I have slipcovers on my sofa and dining chairs. So I got some Sure Fit recliner slipcovers, but they are made for the newer cushier type reclines. I'd like to have cushioning on the arms and some extra on the seats. It occurred to me that since any changes will be hidden by a slipcover I really don't have to upholster in cloth any cushioning I add.

Any experiences, thoughts, etc.? I know that certain areas cannot be cushioned because they have to stay their same dimensions because of the workings of the reclining mechanism.

This is definitely a 'think' project, I've done an internet search and there's not much there on creating padding for previously unpadded arms although there is quite a bit on restuffing. So I welcome your thoughts.


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