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Tomato plant problem? Peppers dont grow.

6 years ago

Hey, I am total rookie gardener. We have started our garden with my boyfriend for the first time this year. We made raised beds on our rooftop/terrace which is partially covered with grass and filled them with common gardening mix (i have no clue what kind of soil they used for the grass underneath).

I have two question. One regarding my tomato plant which we have grown from seed (march) and transported outside (mid may). It seems to be growing fast but the leaves look little odd. Is this normal or maybe some sort of pests? I have been treating it with rapeseed based organic insecticide as a prevention every 10-14 days and using fertilizer ( about once a week or every 5 days (ps: should i increase the frequency?)

In the same bed with tomatoes we have peppers. One we started inside from seed (early april) and one we bought on the market as a seedling mid may and both transported them outside same time as the tomatoes but they have not seem to grow an inch since then. They are still very small and the one we started from seed took some beating initially because of the strong winds which broke some of its leaves. I have been treatig them with the same frequency and same fertilizer as the tomato plants. Why this might be? ( Since late may we had mostly great really warm weather over 70 degrees during the day and around 50 (or more) at night.

this one we started from seed

this one we purchased at the market and the leaves have been turning yellow a bit

I water all plants once a day in the morning and if it gets really hot and soil is dry then sometimes again in the afternoon.

Thank you for help!

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