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Purple tomato question, please.

7 years ago

I am noticing, this year, that the purple tomatoes (Russian in particular and Cherokee to a lesser extent) are showing more distress than the others. We knew we could not plant them where we knew the soil was contaminated with herbicide carryover, but I suspect it has been carried by rainwater. The whole backyard is sloped enough that heavy rainfall tends to run off. Nothing else seems to be bothered where planted outside those sick beds, but most of the rest is planted either uphill or away from the usual water runoff areas. I am not familiar with Russian purple, so would like to know if it tends to be a Prima Donna? A lady selling produce alongside the highway (last year) was telling me which new tomatoes she would grow again and included Purple Russian. She was growing in a creek bottom without irrigation, so naturally I supposed they must be tougher than the ones she would not grow again.

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