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nearby wisteria run wild - sort of....

I have posted this on the perennials forum too as I thought this might interest some of the regulars there, but it really belongs here.... I'm sure I posted pictures last summer of the rather insane wisteria(s?) not too far from here - but I can't find the post to update it....

The wisteria - a Chinese wisteria - is a massive thing growing along a fence between a house and a closed business on a major road not too far away. When we stopped there in early July last year to take some pictures of the summer blooms on it, a guy (looked 50+) came over to ask what we were doing... He didn't look too friendly until I said I wanted pictures of the wisteria. He said his father had planted it when he was a kid. Here's what it looked like in early July last year with some summer bloom showing:

from the driveway side:

from the back side:

And here's what it looked like this afternoon when we passed by:

front side:

back side:

It obviously gets whacked back often enough to promote lots of flowering wood! Our Chinese wisteria is blooming this spring - first time since 2013 as we had a string of nasty winters... We cut 2-3' off the top of ours last summer to shorten it to make it easier to prune. We've ended up with a disappointing flower show this spring because the foliage emerged early and is obscuring the flowers. We cut some of the foliage off to make the flowers more visible. There are also not many flowers on the top section as removing the top 2-3' cut off lots of flowering wood. The majority of the premature foliage is also at the top, so I'm speculating that Chinese wisteria flowerbuds somehow inhibit the emergence of the foliage until the flowers start to fade. We will keep our Chinese wisteria short from now on - but try to encourage growth to fill in in the middle.

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