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How often do you add iron? How much?

I fertilzed a month ago with a homemade recipe: 5-7 scoops compost, 1-1.25 cups Rose Tone, 1 scoop alfalfa pellets, 1/4 cup Azomite, 2 tablespoons Espoma Iron Tone, 1-2 teaspoons epsom salts. Mix well and spread inside and just beyond drip line. (I ran out of Espoma Rose Tone and the replacement bag that I bought was Dr. Iron, because my locally-owned nursery dropped the one and began carrying the other.)

I see 3 or 4 of my 20+ bushes have a bit of chlorosis. I am wondering if it’s appropriate to continue adding a couple of tablespoons of granular iron product every month when I put down my Rose Tone “recipe”. How often do you provide iron? What product do you like to use, and how much of it? Thanks for any advice!

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