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Container or no container?

Hi guys, I'm new here. :) Just looking for a little advice.

Just planted my garden over the weekend and am now looking to plant some herbs in a different bed right outside my kitchen door for easy access. I live in the Northeastern US so I know they won't survive winter, however, I was considering planting those that might survive indoors in containers so I could bring them in when it starts to frost.

I want to plant:

- Rosemary

- Thyme

- Oregano

- Basil (Genovese and Opal)

- Flatleaf Parsley

- Catnip

- Peppermint

- Chives

- Cilantro

- Lavender

I know the mint should be kept separate anyway because it will overtake as much space as you let it, cilantro won't make it after harvesting, and lavender I only want for the season, but the top 5 I use pretty much daily so I'd like to try and keep alive through the winter if I can.

What do you guys think? Should I plant them in the ground and dig them up before the frost, or just start them in containers and be done with it? If I go with containers, do you have any pointers on the size (bearing in mind that I'm 5 feet tall) and how many I could get away with keeping in the same container?

Thanks in advance :)

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