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Week 4, May 2017, General Garden Talk

Good Morning everyone.

Hey, there's a chance of rain in the forecast. I doubt it will happen and I have a lot of work to do today as I took off the last two days from gardening. As much as I love to work in the garden, I needed a break and it was nice to have one.

I have one tomato plant showing signs of bacterial wilt, so I'll cut off the affected branch today and do the bacterial wilt test. If it has BW, I'll remove the entire plant and put clear plastic over its growing space to solarize the soil for a month or two. It is a Paul Robeson plant. I have a long history with this variety---it is one of the sickliest plants you'll ever grow and I almost never get a fruit from it. I have no idea why is always gets sick and dies---but it does, and now that I think about it, in other years when it has died, I think it has done the sudden green wilt thing every time, so I am about done with it. Why keep trying? I guess because I am stubborn and am determined to "make" that variety grow here for me. Clearly it doesn't want to grow here or cannot stay healthy enough to grow here, so it probably is a lost cause. I have another Paul Roberson plant growing about 10' away that still is healthy. I separated them on purpose because of this variety's history of sudden death in my garden. lol. We'll see if the second one survives. I'm pretty sure the first one is a goner.

We are going to have cool weather the next two days, so I'll be busy trying to get some succession plants in the ground. I have them in flats and this is the perfect weather for transplanting. I didn't do it last week because I was worried all that rain in our forecast (the QPF was showing us getting 3-4" or more, which of course, did not happen) would drown them. So, today I'll plant them and water them in well.

This is one of my favorite times of the year, when the cool-season stuff is finishing up and coming out, and more hot-season plants are going into the now-available space. In addition to planting, I intend to weed and mulch, weed and mulch, weed and mulch. My window for weeding narrows as venomous snakes become more active, so I try to get the garden firmly under control before that point arrives. There were too many snakes in the garden last week and it was creeping me out. I haven't seen or heard my frogs and toads lately. I bet the snakes got them and that aggravates me.

Have a great day today, everyone.


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