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Janice's 2017 Tomato Garden Update

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Beefsteaks set: 158

Beefsteaks set this past week: 5 (1 Porkchop, 2 Big Beef, 2 Cherokee Purple)

Beefsteaks set during two weeks prior: 125 or so

There are 28 beefsteak plants. That's 5.6 tomatoes per plant.

Beefsteak observations:

Two mules: large beautiful Mortgage Lifter and Pink Accordian with zero tomatoes.

Average per hybrid: 9.5

Average per heirloom: 5.2

Top setters: Earl's Faux(top potato leaf setter, set one this week): 7

Pork Chop: (will they be spitters? Don't know yet): 9

Dr. Wyches': 18

Big Beef: 13

Cherokee Carbon: 15

Medium (hearts, Rutgers, Green Zebras, Orange Blossoms): 98 (Rutgers and Kosovo set strong this week)

Number of plants: 9

Top setters: Rutgers: 22

Green Zebra: 16

Sausage: 12

Cherries: 600+ across 10 plants. 4 Sungolds lead at 100+ each. Sweet million second at 90 or so, followed by Principe Borghese at 70+, then Chocolate Sprinkles at 45.


Stink bug population increased heavily this week. Leaf bugs joined.

About 12 tomatoes have "disappeared." I can see damage on two Cherokee Carbon tomatoes and a few more are missing. Adjacent to this plant is a Rutgers and it missing about six tomatoes. These are at the edge of the garden. I believe it is a mixture of birds and small mammals. Both the CC and Rutgers have sparse canopies. The thin foliage make them easy to target, and being at the edge of the garden, also increases likelihood of targeting.

Six of 8 tomatoes have disappeared from one Indigo Apple. The IA has very sparse foliage and the Purple skin of the IA must make it irresistible. I have another plant with 18 fruits on it. Hope I get one.

The heat seems to be hastening the growth and maturation of the tomatoes. Except for the "late setters", I anticipate harvest of 90% of what is on the vines by 8 June, maybe sooner. This is ambitious considering how late plant out was, but early high heat is rushing the maturation process.

Plants that have done poorly: Ananas Noire, Prudens Purple. Plants are small. Marianna's Peace is a large healthy plant, but stingy at 3 tomatoes. Paul Roberson is a small plant and stingy at 2 tomatoes.

Any advice on fertilization at this point? I don't plan on extending the life of these plants. I can see the pollination trend and the rising predator trend.

I have not used daconil or any fungicide. Some plants with fruit have minor leaf diseases, but should be able to deliver what they are holding.

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