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Painting Plan For New Home, Need Help With Sheen & Other Decisions

7 years ago

I'm buying a home. It's traditional design. It is located in the Southeast. It has very deep porches on three sides.

The house is filled with heavy trim, shiplap and drywall walls, tongue and groove ceilings, and heart pine floors. The ceilings are 12' tall. The shiplap is 12" wide. There is also areas of the home with Georgia brown brick. Some of the windows are stained and others are paint. Cabinetry is painted. There are some areas of drywall.

Here is the plan:

Trim and molding SW 7105 Paperwhite Gloss

Drywall and shiplap SW 7105 Paperwhite Eggshell

Ceilings tongue and groove SW 7105 Paperwhite Flat

All cabinets SW 7105 Paperwhite Gloss

Kitchen Island SW 9178 In The Navy Gloss

Dining Room walls, shiplap SW 6128 Eggshell

Powder Room SW 9178 In The Navy Gloss

Question One:

Is the selection of flat sheen the ceilings the best selection? Opinions?

Question Two:

The Powder Room is in the interior with no windows or natural light. The floor is heart pine. The fixtures are white. If I paint the walls SW 9178 In The Navy Gloss, what do I do with the wood trim and tongue and groove ceiling? Paint them In The Navy or Paperwhite? Thoughts?

Question Three:

Has anyone ever seen lacquer on shiplap? Thoughts? Thinking about it in the Powder Room but I don't have enough information.