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Bugs in two of the succulents

Jo L.
5 years ago

I have two succulents, a sempervivum and aeonium kiwi, that each have bugs in them and I'm wondering if I should be worried and if there's a way to get rid of them.

The sempervivum is in a temporary plastic pot right now, I'm re-potting it today. It has these tiny flies and no matter how many I kill they keep coming back, only to this plant.

The aeonium kiwi has these tiny white bugs. I've tried dabbing them with rubbing alcohol but they are in all the crevices of the plant. The bugs are the tiniest things ever so it's hard to see them in the pictures.

For both cases, it seems like these bugs showed up when I brought them outside during the day, and now I have a fear of bugs infesting my plants when I bring them outside.

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