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Is this silicone job acceptable?

5 years ago

Please see the attached photos, this is one section where I had the best light but it is like this all around. The silicone looks very uneven and unattractive to me. What I don't know is if this is just the way it has to be or if I should expect better. And if I should expect better, can it be removed and reapplied now?

I was also assured that I would get clear silicone and this is not clear, it is what I would consider ordinary cloudy silicone.

If I ask the shower glass installer he may tell me that this is just how it has to be and it can't get any better. Or of course he might admit it looks like a mess and agree it should be fixed. I just want to have realistic expectations before I lose it because I don't think it looks so hot and I'm unhappy with the outcome.


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