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Kitchen Sink Size Help

Julia_WI Zone 5b
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

We want to install new countertop and sink on our existing cabinet. My problem is the sink is in the corner, the front of sink cabinet is only 28.25 inches, the back of the sink cabinet is over 48 inches.

My current sink is a drop in cast iron double sink with exterior measurement at 33"X22", interior measurement at 30"X16.5".

The new sink I'm interested is Kraus 30 inch undermount, with exterior measurement at 30"X18" and interior at 28" X16"

Will the new sink fit my cabinet? My understanding is: since the cutout size of new sink is smaller than my old sink interior size, it should fit. However, the stone shops I visited today all said they might have to do the actual measurement of cabinet to decide.

I really want the Kraus 30 inch sink. Is there a way to work around to make the cabinet fit the sink? We can build support inside the cabinet if needed.


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