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Leaves turning yellow, turning brown, crunching and falling off

6 years ago


After:(looks pretty much the same on top, but the bottom leaves/stems are turning yellow and crunching up from the tips)

Some info:

-We bought the plant with the shown plastic pot and kept it in there since it seemed to be doing well & producing flowers and fruit.

-It gets about 6 hours of sun a day, give or take.

-The leaves started turning yellow, brown and crunchy, and then snapping off. This all started happening about a couple of days after we bought it.

-We live in the middle of Texas. (zones 9-13 I think?)

Steps I've taken:

-Gave it liquid fertilizer.

-Added about a spoonful of epsom salt to the soil/mulch mix it's in and mixed it in a bit.

-Watering it as soon as I see the bottom leaves start to droop.

-I pinched off the top blooms (since I heard it would make the current fruit bigger)but I'm pretty sure I did that too late since now the tomatoes stopped growing and are ripening up.

-No new leaves on top, but there's quite a few new leaves popping out at the bottom. One little leaf had barely started to yellow so I clipped that one off.

-Clipped any other stems and leaves that turned crispy at the tips as well.

-I'm thinking it could be a watering problem on my part, so now I'm watering(about 2 cups of tap water, instead of just 1)every other day starting today to see how that goes.

I'm definitely leaning on lack of watering since it has fruit and all, but any help would be appreciated!

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