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9 Meiwa kumquat trees from seed

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Its close to time to re-pot and relocate my Meiwa kumquat trees. I have been exposing them to sunlight at an increase of 30 minutes each day. I am up to 3 hours now. 6 of the 9 trees have reached heights of 8 to 10 inches. I clipped the top stem to force branching. The 3 smaller ones will need to grow more before I clip their terminal buds.

The 6 clipped trees viewed above. Multi trunked trees grow leaves closer together. This will allow a leaf node count to be reached at a shorter distance from the ground. This is important for seed grown trees to reach fruiting maturities and remain short enough to fit inside for indoor growing.

The 3 remaining trees. One of them is double trunked.

These trees will be planted into 1 gallon food tins that will fit under the bucket light and fit on the vacuum chamber.

The new containers.
3 containers with plants under a bucket ligh
suction container on top of future tree container. I will be using 5-1-1 soil mix. This container can hold the tree till fall when a 3 gallon pot will be needed.

Adding the extra 4 hours of light have quadruple the growth to about 1 inch per week. While the fresh air helps it is not noticeable.

6b Steve

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