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Newel Post attachment to top of cap?

6 years ago

I've embarked on a project to bring my stair railing up to code and add some decorative trim. I've gotten myself a bit stuck though, so I'm hoping for some help.

This is a photo of the stair railing in the "before" condition.

And here is where I am now:

I'm trying to figure out how to securely attach my new newel post. Do I need to remove the cap to attach to the wall framing? The previous newel post was attached above the cap had a vertical screw in the center and a finish nail on each face holding it up. I was able to remove it pretty easily. Something like that doesn't seem solid enough. Would a long lag screw installed roughly perpendicular to the cap be enough? If so, is there a recommended screw size spec? I haven't been able to find many examples of newel posts installed on top of an angled cap like this.

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