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Does this ZZ plant need repotting? Or something else?

I had a zz plant at home that seemed to be doing quite well, and a few days ago, I brought it to work (it gets indirect light from a window). It needed watering but I accidentally gave it too much at once, so I removed it from the outer pot to empty it out. That's when I discovered the following:

Should I repot, or is it safe to trim those roots? Here are a few other photos of the plant - it seems healthy otherwise except for a few discolored leaves and dark spots on some of the stems:

Note: I normally keep the blind open - only closed it to take the picture

Yellowing and browning at tips of a few leaves

Dry brown spot in middle of leaf, and dark patches on stems

So...are the above symptoms all due to the plant being rootbound, or could something else have caused them? Any advice appreciated :)

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