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Tiny insects/soil mites in houseplant - Please Help Identify!

7 years ago

Can anyone please help me identify these pests which currently are everywhere around my tropical houseplants and succulents? They're extremely small and the photos were taken with a 40x loupe and cell phone. They're a tannish color, done with darker heads, move relatively quickly but not fast, and tend to favor the exteriors of containers, in saucers, or on surface of soil. I use an inorganic media for my plants so I'm mystified as to where they're coming from.

I use Manno-Pro granite grit plus tiny amount of orchid bark. Could they be Grain Mites from the granite!? Are they some form of springtails? My plants are nut currently hurting, but some with heavy #'s if these pests are certainly NOT thriving.

What can I do/ What can I use to get rid of them!?

Thank you in advance!

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