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Japanese maple in trouble

Fred Hoek
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I bought a Japanese Maple 'Little Princess' three weeks ago and it is not doing well. I put it in the ground a couple of days after I bought it. It was doing great.

Then last tuesday the leaves were hanging. Upon inspection, it was crowded with black bugs under the leaves.
Something must be wrong or bugs wouldn't attack it. I thought the roots must be too wet in the loam/sand soil. I dug the maple out and put it in a pot with potting soil. I put it inside at night because she went bad after a nightfrost and there was more frost to come. I squashed the bugs every day.

After 2 more days the maple looked about to die. Then I sprayed it with stinging nettle manure and it finally recovered. Some leaves won't make it, but most look good now. However, she needed another spray today. I'm worried that the roots are not picking up. I haven't inspected the roots for rot when potting it. I did put some holes in the ground to let oxygen in. I removed the mulch today to let the ground dry more.

Does anyone know what to do next? Does anyone recognize what is wrong here?

This is how it looked before all went wrong, 2 weeks after planting. In the background another maple that I planted on the same day, which is fine still.

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