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Delayed winter cane die back? Canker?

5 years ago

Hi all,

I am in the NE and we had an overall mild winter that brought an unreasonably warm February, then a frigid March. April so far has been seasonable, damp and a tad chilly with some warm days in between, prime rose growing weather.

I have a Kordes Fiji that came through the winter with a case of canker (classic black ring with a red halo) on a main cane that I lopped off in late March. It responded well to the haircut and has grown a lot of leafs. I just noticed another cane which was unaffected in March but now has a blackened bit. This time there is no red ring around the black part, just black on one side of the cane.

Is this delayed winter die back? The cane above the black part is about a foot tall and looks otherwise healthy. Does this look like another case of canker? Should I chop it off? Is this something that I need to worry about since it would be the 2nd canker on the same bush. I checked the scar on the 1st canker, it’s healing ok - white scar tissue.

Thanks all!

Fiji is the bush on the right.

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