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skip laurel care

Doc S
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

You can feed Schip (Skip or Schipkaensis) Laurels as you would most other evergreen shrubs. I fertilize laurels after they bloom in spring with a well-balanced "shrub and tree" or "azalea, camellia rhododendron" type fertilizer. If you have a deer problem consider using Milorganite fertilizer. It works great, is totally non-burning, and repels deer. I always use a granule fertilizer as opposed to a liquid water soluble one. Follow instructions on the product label for application methods and rates. A late summer or early fall feeding can be done if the foliage looks a little lighter green than it should. Sometimes I might supplement with chelated iron or soil sulfur if the leaves are very pale or yellowing.

Spread the fertilizer around the perimeter of the plant as this is where most of the feeder roots are. If there is thick mulch you might want to rake this back to apply the fertilizer on top of the ground, then replacing the mulch. Mulch should be no thicker than two inches and be kept a few inches away from the trunk of the plant.

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