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Echeveria Died in Gritty Mix! D: What Did I Do Wrong?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I am so sad!! I was given a beautiful little echevaria (moonglow, I think), and promptly bare-rooted it and re-planted in my carefully constructed gritty mix in a small pot with plenty of drainage holes.

I was under the impression that it's impossible to over-water anything in gritty mix (somebody wrote an account of succulents getting rained on all the time with no issues), so I didn't think twice about soaking it every couple of days with 1/4 foliage pro solution. It drowned! D: It got dark bruises at the base of the leaves, the lower lobes turned yellow and mushy, and the stem withered and collapsed. It happened so fast! What did I do wrong!!?? Here are photos of my mix in case there's a problem with it.

I do have a theory: when I took the plant from its container, there was a thin layer of old soil coating the roots. Could this residual wet soil have drowned my succulent?

What do you think?

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