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H. evansiae or H. anzaldoi?

6 years ago

My H. evansiae has opened up, and it doesn't look like most pictures I have seen. in fact, it looks almost identical to the H. anzaldoi I have that bloomed a few weeks ago. There's no hint of pink in the tepals except for the bottom one, and it the coloration there looks identical to my H. anzaldoi. Also, the tepals have rippled edges, and the tips are pointed like H. anzadoi, not rounded like most pictures of H. evansaie show.

This is my H. evansiae (I removed the anthers to save the pollen):

And this is H. anzaldoi:

They don't look very different from each other in real life, but I wasn't able take pictures of them in the same lighting conditions, so they look more different here.

So I have either:

2 clones of anzaldoi

1 clone of each

2 clones of evansiae

I'm inclined to trust the identity of anzaldoi because I got it from Telos. The evansiae is from eBay, advertised as "a great clone."

Both bloomed this year for the first time. Both bulbs are about the same size, both went through a brief dormancy for about 2-4 weeks, both scapes are the same height, both had 2 flowers on the scape, both had flowers of the same size. Also same potting mix, same size pots, same watering schedule.

I haven't grown either of these before, so I wanted to ask people with more experience to help me ID these two bulbs.

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