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Endless Summer Hydrangea not blooming (zone 3A)

7 years ago

I have a variety of hydrangeas such as pinky pinky, incrediball, strawberry vanillas and limelights. They are bush out and bloom beautifully. I planted endless summers 3 years ago. The old wood does not seem to overwinter. I wait to see if it is going to bud out before I touch it, I fertilize them, and they are mulched every winter. They are planted in the same area as the incrediball hydrangeas which are doing great. It seems I get great vegetative growth and the flower buds are forming 3 -4 weeks later than the others. Then they don't have enough time to bloom.

I tried moving two of them last year because I was ready to rip them out. They get morning sun and afternoon shade. I really want them to produce. Any suggestions? If the old wood is not surviving are they going to continue to struggle? We had a very early hard frost last two years and they took it the worst. Maybe I should just put them in shrub planters and move them in the cold cellar for the winter? Any ideas would be great. Thanks!

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