Has anyone in the DFW area grown Limelight or Little Lime hydrangea?

5 years ago

I have a rather large area where I had the Lady Banks roses and wisteria removed (AFTER it had mutilated my fence), and need something that isn't a vine to put there. It will have full sun from around ten to four, then the fence and the house will shade it from the hot west sun. I am just not sure they can take that much Texas sun even though research says they can. I would feel so much better planting them there if someone in the area had grown them under similar conditions. If these won't work, any suggestions as to a rather tall, showy shrub or small tree I could put there? I have room for at least three, perhaps even four, plants to make it fill in nicely. Right now, I have three Edward Goucher abelias planted there. These plants would fill in behind and to the side of each of these. Oh, and this bed is on a downslope from the lawn, so it does stay pretty moist.

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