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Help! Need to diagnose my tomato plants!

Hello all!

I just needed some help diagnosing an issue that came up with my new tomato plants.

The plants are fairly young (maybe a month old?) Sprouted from seed, grown hydroponically using rockwool cubes as their medium. They have mostly been indoors under a T5 fluorescent and LEDs, but now we are giving them outdoor weather - natural sun and wind.

On one of the plants, it looks like the leaves on one branch are going whitish and there is some brown spotting. My initial guess would be tobacco mosaic - however, neither me nor my girlfriend smokes (we have plenty of neighbors who do Also thought it might be a nutrient deficiency - possibly manganese or molybdenum. We are trying to use limited amounts of nutrients, but obviously it's hydro so we might be under-doing it.

I attached a couple photos of the plant. Help! Please and thank you!

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