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Help with basement storage

5 years ago

We are in the process of finishing our basement. We will have 2 bedrooms, a family room with a kitchenette area, a full bathroom, and a rather large laundry room (7 people in the house, so laundry is a BIG deal ). We will not have a designated storage room, so I will need to carve out some closet space for keeping the normal things you store in a basement. Ok - so what do you store in a basement? Haha. I am trying to come up with a list so that I know exactly what kind of spaces I need. So far, I have the following. Am I forgetting anything?

-clothes not in use (too small for big kids, too big for younger kids)

-shoes not in use (same)

-big fluffy blankets

- seasonal clothes (winter hats,gloves/swim gear)

- gift wrapping supplies

- cleaning supplies for the basement (vacuum, mop, etc)

- luggage and extra bags

- hanging clothes and coats not in use

- extra paper towels/toilet paper

- lightbulbs

- flashlights

- extension cords

- small tool box

- ice skates

- snow skiing gear

- photo albums

- batteries

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