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Seeking name of lost white rose that blooms in clumps

7 years ago

Trying to find a rose like one I had 18 years ago, never knew its name. I believe it is a specimen or shrub, probably grafted; blooms prolifically in many clumps, each clump has many little blooms about the size of a nickel when open. The canes are very strong, and when this bush was about 4 years old, the old upright canes were like wood, and over an inch in diameter. It was at least four feet tall and over 3 ft. wide. At the time I lived in Houston, TX, zone 9 and this rosebush bloomed almost all year. Blush Noisette has been suggested but I don't think that's it, BN in photos seems to have a "blush" all over and my little blooms were white, although they were a light pink before they opened. Not sure about fragrance. Any help most appreciated. Thank you.

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