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How do I train my new fiddle leaf fig into a standard shape?

Rachael Kendrick
6 years ago

I spotted this fiddle leaf in a garden centre yesterday and pounced on it. It's about 110cm tall, and very much a column shape, with a very narrow trunk supported by a stake and large, healthy-looking leaves.

It also has two small branches near the top, and a large gap between the top 'clump' of leaves and the lower leaves.

Like everyone else, I'd love to encourage this guy into the classic standard fiddle leaf shape. How do I encourage branching and thicken up the stem? Should I prune off the top 'clump' of leaves, sacrificing height for branches?

At the moment I've placed the fiddle towards the centre of a very bright room that gets a lot of light, but I could move it right next to a south-facing window, in a spot currently occupied by a very robust calathea.

Thanks for any advice!

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