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Sapodilla brown leaf curling?? Please Help

I bought it from logees in august because I wanted sias woods and could not find it anywhere else. It arrive very healthy with a fruit on it. I cut the fruit off. The root system was small and arrived in a tiny pot so I potted up after a week. The plant did great. I only periodically watered it during winter and have slowly started bringing on more water and taking it outside when its warm. My Sapodilla has been transferred to a 2.5 gal into gritty mix from a one gallon in a failed 5-1-1 (bark way to fine) 1 week ago. I switched to gritty mix because my 5-1-1 was not drainging properly and a few plants were suffering. The gritty mix gets watered every day because I dont think I soaked the bark long enough so its drying a little to fast.

When I repotted I was amazed at how small and undeveloped the roots are. Is there any way to help them establish and grow?

The leaves have some small brown paches and are curling its started at the base and worked its way up.

Please can anyone help me? I have not fertilized yet.

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